Family activities

Ideal for all the family!

Zoo of Barcelona activities

Take care of it

01/01 - 31/12   -   Timetable: De 12:00 a 12:30 / De 12:30 a 13:00 / De 13:00 a 13:30
Adults and children alike will grow awareness of the importance of a responsible ownership for the well-being of animals and to protect many species of our surroundings. Weekends and holidays.
Farmer’s task

Farmer’s task

01/01 - 31/12   -   Timetable: De 11:00 a 11:30 / De 11:30 a 12:00
Children visiting the Zoo are invited to the Farm, where they can help us look after the sheep, goats, donkeys, etc. Weekends and holidays.
Zoo of Barcelona activities

Family sundays

12/03 - 12/03   -   Timetable: De 10:00 a 12:30
To spend an unforgettable morning discovering a Zoo like you have never seen before!
elephants zoo bbarcelona

The training of the elephants

01/01 - 31/12   -   Timetable: De 12:00 a 14:00
On the weekends and holidays, elephant keepers show to the public how they train and take care of them every morning