Ecosystem biodiversity

ecosystem biodiversity

How many different ways are there to be alive on our planet? Why do we say that a sea tomato is an animal? What is the oldest and most diverse group of vertebrates? Did you know that hippos are part of the whale family? Students are put into working groups and take a sequential approach to studying the planet’s biodiversity and learning about phylogenetic sorting. As part of this they analyse biological samples, classify species using dichotomous keys and explore the relationships between animals within a Mediterranean ecosystem.

Duration: 2 hours

Start times: 10am, 12pm, 2pm

This activity is aimed at the 1st year of GCSE studies. It is also suitable for pupils from upper primary and 2nd year of GCSE studies.

The group/class is accompanied by a member of the Zoo’s education team throughout the workshop.

The Zoo's ecosystems biodiversity activity explains the complexity of how living things are classified.

This workshop takes place in a specially equipped classroom, where a member of the Zoo’s education team (a biologist) explains the approach to the activity and oversees the way it is run.

The group can stay in the Zoo until closing time.


  • Competency in knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
  • Competency in learning to learn.


  • Introduce the concepts of classifying living things and phyla.
  • Introduce the concepts of ecosystem, chains and networks.
  • Analyse and understand the relationships within a given ecosystem.
  • Promote respect for animals through better understanding.


The class is divided into four subgroups, each of which works on different aspects of living things with the support of a working guide and materials. All pupils work on the different exercises.

  • Classification of the animal kingdom.
  • Characteristics and classification of vertebrates.
  • Plants.
  • Balance of an ecosystem.
  • Conservation.


Materials: (Please bring writing materials)

  • Workbook, biological materials, photographs.

Small groups: €234 (up to 21 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 25, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.

Large groups: €267 (up to 29 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 30, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.



If your school activity with the Education Department takes place during September, December, January or February, you’ll benefit from a 20% discount off the price. In addition, if during these months the activity takes place on a Monday or a Tuesday, the discount will rise to 30%. (*)

 (*) If you book an activity with the Education Department and this promotional offer is applicable but the activity has to be cancelled due to a situation of force majeure, we will endeavour to reschedule it for another time under the same terms and conditions.

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