Great invasions

Great invasions

The aliens are here! However this is not an extra-terrestrial invasion! What are invasive species? How did they get into our ecosystems? What effects do they have on wildlife? Does this phenomenon also occur in other parts of the world? This interesting workshop is one of the hottest and most worrying topics in regard to loss of biodiversity. Students will be able to explain: what a native species is and what an invasive species is; how the latter come to colonise new territories; the effect of their presence on local biodiversity and the risks to health. Students also analyse prevention and control measures, looking at different case studies, and learn about the social agents involved and their working methods.

Duration:  2 hours

Start times: 10am, 12pm

This activity is aimed at middle- and upper-primary pupils.

The group/class is accompanied by a member of the Zoo’s education team throughout the workshop.

Tour of the Zoo with an explanation of the contents in regard to species related to this topic.

Classroom work using the workbooks and other materials in order to consolidate the contents studied.

The group can stay in the Zoo until closing time.


  • Competency in knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
  • Competency in learning to learn.



  • Teach about the definition of native and invasive species
  • Identify the causes and effects of the introduction of these species
  • Explain the necessary characteristics of an animal for it to be considered to be an invader
  • Analyse its origin, appearance and control
  • Promote respect for animals through better understanding.


  • Definition of native species
  • A study of the causes and effects of the introduction of alien species
  • Knowledge of the species’ characteristics
  • Study of the origin of alien species, their appearance and controls that can be applied to prevent their spread.

Materials: (Please bring writing materials)

  • Workbook, boards, photographs, biological material.

Small groups: €234 (up to 21 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 25, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.

Large groups: €267 (up to 29 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 30, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.



If your school activity with the Education Department takes place during September, December, January or February, you’ll benefit from a 20% discount off the price. In addition, if during these months the activity takes place on a Monday or a Tuesday, the discount will rise to 30%. (*)


 (*) If you book an activity with the Education Department and this promotional offer is applicable but the activity has to be cancelled due to a situation of force majeure, we will endeavour to reschedule it for another time under the same terms and conditions.

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