The montsey brook newt Workshop

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A hidden gem in the cold, crystal-clear Montseny streams, the European continent’s most endangered vertebrate needs our help! Want to become an active part of the conservation project to help save the little Montseny brook newt? We start by travelling in time, going over the history of how this amphibian was discovered. We learn about the field-study methods used with their wild populations. We delve into their life in the forest and learn how to apply this knowledge to saving the species from extinction. We get a taste of how they are cared for and bred in captivity at the Zoo and explain the importance of their reintroduction. And we show how our day-to-day behaviour can help these newts and their ecosystem.

Duration: 2 hours

Start times: 10am, 12pm, 2pm

This activity is aimed at middle- and upper-primary pupils.

Using different types of biological and non-biological materials, pupils will learn about the native species of newt that lives in Montseny Natural Park: the Montseny brook newt (Calotriton arnoldi). Pupils will be shown the more interesting aspects of their biology, the area they inhabit, the issues they face and the status of their conservation, and learn about what people can do to help protect them and prevent their disappearance. We will also explain the importance of this species and why it has been awarded a LIFE Project. All of this will require the involvement of the participants, who will need not only to keep their ears alert but will also need to put their sense of sight and touch to the test.


  • Competency in knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
  • Competency in learning to learn.


  • Identify the Montseny brook newt native species
  • Learn about the biology of the Montseny brook newt
  • Learn about its habitat, Montseny Natural Park
  • Introduction to the issues facing the species and its conservation status
  • Learn about what we can do to help protect it and prevent its disappearance


  • Presentation: the Zoo’s mission and the Montseny Brook Newt Project
  • Locating the Montseny brook newt
  • The Montseny brook newt’s habitat
  • The Montseny brook newt’s biological cycle
  • The main threats to the Montseny brook newt and an introduction to the Montseny brook newt LIFE Project

Evaluating the learning:

  • Individual or group work using articles and other media where participants find information about the discovery of the Montseny brook newt.

Materials: (Please bring writing materials)

  • Workbook, leaflets, audiovisual materials, aquariums, information boards, the story of the Montseny brook newt, magnifiers, biological and man-made materials.

Small groups: €234 (up to 21 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 25, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.

Large groups: €267 (up to 29 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 30, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.



If your school activity with the Education Department takes place during September, December, January or February, you’ll benefit from a 20% discount off the price. In addition, if during these months the activity takes place on a Monday or a Tuesday, the discount will rise to 30%. (*)

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