What animal am I? Workshop

Zoo Barcelona

Are you in a class of turtles, butterflies or owls, and want the Zoo’s experts to help you learn about the wonders of your favourite animal? Choose the species you want to work on and help us guess! We love puzzles! Pupils work in classroom laboratories, and use biological materials and fieldwork during their visit, to experience the adventurous world of animal explorers and scholars. The children actively take part in investigations, following clues, learning from observation, reasoning and explaining their findings, discovering and imitating animal behaviours and skills - and always at the right level for their age group.

Duration: 1.5 hours

Start times: 10am, 11.30am, 1pm

This activity is aimed at students in primary-level education.

The group/class is accompanied by a member of the Zoo’s education team throughout the workshop.

The workshop is conducted in two parts:

  • 1st Part: in a specially designed classroom, the member of the education team asks the children questions: where does the animal you’re studying live? What does it eat? How does it live? How is it born? The teacher shows the children magnetic cards with different options for them to choose from.

All the answers chosen are placed on a large board that represents the environment where the animal lives, and the member of the education team has to "guess" which animal it is. They then show the group some biological materials relating to the animal.

  • 2nd Part: we walk around the Zoo to find the animal in question in its enclosure and explain the history, origin, names and other interesting facts.

The group can stay in the Zoo until closing time.


  • Competency in knowledge and interaction with the physical world.
  • Competency in learning to learn.


  • Find out about the different parts of the body of the animal being studied.
  • Closely observe the shape and function of the different parts of the body.
  • Recognise the right foods.
  • Study the kind of life the animal leads (part of a group or alone).
  • Identify how the animal is born.
  • Introduction to the dangers that threaten the animal.
  • Learn to observe closely the animal being studied.
  • Promote respect for animals through better understanding.


  • Learn about the different environments where animals can live.
  • Understand the basis of their diet.
  • Identify how different animals are born.
  • Understand the type of organisation they live in (alone, in herds, etc).
  • Introduction to the concept of endangered animals and learn about some of the threats they face.


  • Workbook, biological materials, magnetic boards and cards.

Small groups: €234 (up to 21 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 25, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.

Large groups: €267 (up to 29 pupils). For each additional pupil up to a group size of 30, the price is €8.15/pupil. The workshop is free for teachers.



If your school activity with the Education Department takes place during September, December, January or February, you’ll benefit from a 20% discount off the price. In addition, if it takes place on a Monday or a Tuesday during these months, the discount will rise to 30%. (*)

 (*) If you book an activity with the Education Department and this promotional offer is applicable but the activity has to be cancelled due to a situation of force majeure, we will endeavour to reschedule it for another time under the same terms and conditions.

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