A Miniature Reef Park

Since a few days ago, in the Aquarama lobby you can see a new aquarium with a replica of the Reef Park of the eastern coast of Barcelona. As in the sea, the structure will be gradually colonized by native species. For now, thanks to the collaboration of The Aquarium of Barcelona, ​​they already live a bank of cardinalfish (Apogon imberbis) and some Mediterranean rainbow wrasses (Coris julis).



White-Naped Mangabeys enjoy their new facility

The white-naped sooty mangabeys (Cercocebus Lunulatus) of the Zoo have a new facility! It is located next to the facility of orangutans and it is twice as large as the previous one.  In this new 160 m2 area, the moat has been removed and the environment has been enriched with different structures, substrate and nets. Indoor areas have been extended up to 70m2, and they consist of 4 bedrooms with heating and a large lobby that can be seen by visitors, which enables to observe them even when there is bad weather and they decide to shelter from the cold.


The Barcelona Zoo Foundation opens the call for the 2017 grants

The Barcelona Zoo Foundation has opened the application process for the 2017 grants for research and conservation projects. These grants are meant to support those projects that share the Zoo’s values of conservation, education and awareness towards biodiversity. This year’s grants are:



LIFE Project granted for the conservation of the Montseny brook newt

The Conservation project of the Montseny brook newt (Calotriton arnoldi), coordinated by the Provincial Government of Barcelona, with the support of the Zoo, the Regional Government of Catalonia, the Provincial Government of Girona and Forestal Catalana, has been selected as LIFE Project by the European Union. The LIFE Programme is the financial instrument of the European Union that is focused on the environment. This project will enable to improve, during the next years, the conservation situation of this critically endangered species and its riverside habitat.


The Zoo EAZA

The Zoo hosts a convention on great apes EAZA

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