Conservation of the desman
Conservació de l'almesquera

ADEFFA is an association dedicated to knowledge and conservation of threatened and endangered native species. To that end, ADEFFA has been carrying out several studies and programmes to monitor Catalonia’s native species populations, restoring habitats, eliminating invasive species, rescuing where necessary, maintaining and breeding ex situ, repopulating, protecting areas and providing environmental education. These activities are being carried out by the Camadoca de Santa Maria de Merlès Fauna Centre.

One of the species it has been working with for some time is the Pyrenean desman (Galemys pyrenaicus); a native species covered by animal protection legislation, which is being proposed as a vulnerable species for the future Catalogue currently being prepared on Catalonia’s threatened fauna, and is listed as a vulnerable species in the IUCN Red List.

It is within the framework of collaboration between Barcelona Zoo and ADEFFA that work is being carried out to conserve the Pyrenean desman through the following initiatives:

  • Increasing knowledge of the biology and ex situ maintenance of Galemys pyrenaicus.

  • Attempting to breed the species ex situ.

  • Increasing knowledge among the population in general and school children in particular on the Pyrenean desman and the factors that contribute to its declining populations.

  • Applying the knowledge acquired from the species’ ex situ maintenance to studies on its in situ populations and the conservation of its habitats.