We put at your disposal all the services you may need to enjoy a great day at the Zoo! Food services, shops, children’s games, medical service, lockers, among others. Find their location on the map.
La Dama

Restaurant La Dama

Healthy, ecological Mediterranean seasonal food in La Dama, the new zoo restaurant. A free flow self service centre with a live cooking station and a large terrace in The Lady with the umbrella square. Besides, cafeteria service, vegan/vegetarian dishes, kids menu and food to take to the park picnic areas.


Opening hours:

Every day from 10:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Book your table now and check out the menu!

Wheelchair service

We have a free wheelchair service for people who do not normally need it but who can make it easier for them to visit the Zoo.

Chairs can be requested at either of the two entrances to the Zoo. The chairs are disinfected before and after use.

Zoo Barcelona

Ergonomic child seats

Ergonomic child seats where you can leave your baby while you attend to your personal needs in those facilities. The chairs are made of natural materials that are appropriate for small children, and their design guarantees solidity and safety during supervised use.


Location: Wellington, Aviary, Farm and Earth dragons.


Restaurant El Xaloc

El Xaloc Cafeteria

Try a taste of the new Zoo! Food that looks after people and nature.

Organic salads, locally-sourced hamburgers and lots more. A take away cafeteria with an outdoor terrace if you'd prefer to eat in the restaurant. You'll find it in the Sahel area. 


Timetable: Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 12:00am to 4:30pm


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La Morera Restaurant

La Morera Cafeteria

Try a taste of the new Zoo! Food that looks after people and nature.

Organic salads, locally-sourced meats and lots more. A take away cafeteria with an outdoor terrace if you'd prefer to eat in the restaurant. You'll find it in the children's farm of the Zoo. 


Horari: Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:30am to 5:30pm


Check the menu 

Nursing room - Zoo Barcelona

Breastfeeding room

In the Barcelona Zoo we have a nursing room located close to La Morera Restaurant so you can enjoy a comfortable space to meet the needs of food and hygiene of your baby.

Changing rooms in the toilets - Zoo Barcelona

Changing rooms in the toilets

There are diaper changing rooms in many of the Zoo’s toilets, including in  the komodos,   the Aviary and the entrance on Carrer Wellington.

Children’s games - Zoo Barcelona

Children’s games

In the middle of the Zone, in front of the Cuban flamingo exhibit, there is a playground for children which includes games for kids with reduced mobility. There is also another games area for children at the Zoo Farm.

Free Lockers

Free Lockers

Visit the Zoo in greater comfort with the luggage lockers.


leave your heavy belongings for free in our  lockers located at the Zoo’s Wellington street entrance.

PMV parking space

Parking zones for personal mobility vehicles

If you come by bike, scooter or skateboard, park them conveniently in the free parking zones you will find inside the park next to each of the two entries. You can also charge your electric scooter! The Zoo will not hold responsibility for any elements or objects placed in these zones. For safety reasons it is not allowed to ride your personal mobility vehicle inside the park.

Accessibility - Zoo Barcelona


All of the Zoo’s exhibits and facilities are adapted for people with reduced mobility. 


Information Point - Zoo Barcelona

Information Point

Any doubt about your visit? Go to the Information Point! It is located at the ticket offices on Carrer Wellington.

Medical Service - Zoo Barcelona

Medical Service

You can find it next to the office building, near the entrance to Wellington Street, in the middle of the Zoo.


Picnic areas - Zoo Barcelona

Picnic areas

What better way to relax than having a picnic at the Zoo? There are two enabled areas (find the location on the map: Lady of the Umbrella and Parliament). Please use the recycling bins next to the tables and help us take care of the environment! 

ZooBot, the Zoo accessible chatbot

ZooBot, the Zoo accessible chatbot

Your virtual assistant for a more inclusive visit to the Zoo. It will guide you through the different areas and will provide you with information on everything you come accross. Especially designed for people with visual, auditive and cognitive accessibility needs, or mental health disorder disability.

Pilot phase: Only in the Sahel and Dragonland Discovery centres.

Access here  

Shops - Zoo Barcelona


To buy souvenirs of the Barcelona Zoo and items related to wildlife and nature, visit the Zoo store. Enjoy discounts and benefits with the Zoo Club card!



Every day from 10 am until the park closes.