A new educational model adapted to the needs of today’s school

At the Zoo, we have a very clear purpose: PRESERVE THE PLANET’S BIODIVERSITY. This task involves educating future generations to respect nature and the environment. That is why we have renewed our educational model and present an innovative, unique and experiential proposal.   

We want to be the school’s allies and offer teachers different pedagogical experiences so children and young people develop curiosity, scientific skills and an understanding of the world by asking questions and solving challenges.  We aim for them to discover, in a dynamic and entertaining way, the importance of biodiversity conservation and how the effects of climate change and the impact of human action on life on the planet are influencing it. We will also work on aspects such as the relationships of living beings with each other and their environment, as well as basic concepts of evolution, cell biology and genetics. Additionally, we want to convey the importance of the Zoo’s work in caring for animal health and welfare and reintroducing species to their habitats through various projects it undertakes.

We want to be a tool for learning that allows teachers to expand curricular content and work on the SDGs, encouraging students to be active agents in the defence of biodiversity. We also want to promote the value of scientific research and critical thinking and help to inspire scientific vocations. 

We offer a range of activities and projects adaptable to different educational levels in the new educational spaces and laboratories at the Zoo. Additionally, we are also open to providing services based on your suggestions.

Activities adaptable to different educational levels


Other educational options