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From the Zoo, we offer exciting and educational experiences that will help you get to know and love our natural environment more.

Want to discover what habitats near and far are like, and the animals that live there? Do you want to know what we can do to preserve them? Do you want to see how we take care of the animals at the Zoo and give us a hand?

Come learn and work with us for nature!

Visió per a tothom

The vision of animals

25/05 - 25/05   -   Timetable: De 15:00 a 15:40 / De 15:50 a 16:30
Shall we tell you some things about the vision of animals? Special route for the solidarity day "Vision for everyone" that will allow us to discover the importance of the position of the eyes in carnivorous and herbivorous animals, and that of colors for birds. Visit the stand of the Ramon Martí i Bonet Foundation in the Dama del Paraigua square and help improve the visual health of children and vulnerable adults!