Submitted by atenea on Mon, 12/19/2016 - 11:57

A sculpture dedicated to the heroine in a medieval legend. In the story Genoveva of Barbante, wife of Siegfried de Tréveris, was falsely accused of adultery by her steward and condemned to death. She was pardoned by her executioner but fled and hid in a cave for many years with her son. There she was fed by a roe buck deer and was able to survive. One day Siegfried, who had discovered the steward´s treason and had had his wife executed, was hunting, chasing some roe buck deer through the wood when he discovered his wife's hiding place and was able to restore her to her rightful position. The sculpture in the zoo represents Genoveva de Brabante with her son arm in arm next to a roe buck deer. 

Genevieve of Brabant - Zoo Barcelona
Montserrat Junoy