New guided activities for Zoo Club members


We recently began offering a new experience for Zoo Club members. These are our Committed-to-biodiversity mini guided tours, a total of four free visits, each lasting roughly 30 minutes, showing our members core aspects of the Zoo’s work and mission from close-up and in fun way. Support from our Zoo Club members is of great helps to us in carrying out our projects, which, we believe, are important for them to find out about from our expert guides.



  • Native fauna mini-tour:

What is native fauna? When is a species said to be native, endemic, exotic or invasive? What are the native species that live in the Zoo and why are they there?


  • Threats-to-biodiversity mini-tour

What exactly is behind the loss of global biodiversity and what are the origins? Why is conservation so important for biodiversity and how can we improve our relationship with our environment?


  • Conservation and research programmes mini-tour

Research into and conservation of fauna and their habitats are the cornerstones of Barcelona Zoo’s new model. We’d love to explain and show it to you!


  • Animal welfare mini-tour

Animal welfare is an absolute priority at the Zoo. We will explain how we assess our animals' physical and mental health and how we design their installations and varied enrichment programmes, so they are the best they can be.


The number of people registering with the Zoo Club has been shooting up for the last few months and now includes close to 20,000 families! The Zoo is a privileged, open and natural space for enjoying and learning under especially favourable conditions within the context of the exceptional current health situation. If you’re not yet a member of this group of biodiversity allies, what are you waiting for? Advantages all around - for you and for the planet!