On December 21 and 22 we celebrate Kangaroo Day!


If you want to be the funniest "kangaroos" for the little ones in the family, you can come to the Zoo on December 21 and 22! We will celebrate Kangaroo Day, with free entry for those grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, godfathers, godmothers and caretakers who take the little ones of the family to the Zoo.


Couples consisting of 1 adult "kangaroo" and 1 child (up to 12 years old) will have free entry these two days.



Who is a "kangaroo"?

They are all those people who take care of the children on December 21 and 22, when the school term has ended and their parents are working or unable to take care of them. They can be the grandfather, the grandmother or other caregivers who are NOT THE PARENTS OR LEGAL GUARDIANS OF THE MINOR.



Conditions for enjoying the promotion


To make sure "kangaroos" are the ones enjoying the promotion, we have these requirements:


  • It is essential that the two people who will enjoy the promotion buy their tickets at the Zoo ticket office in person on the day of the visit.
  • Valid for couples made up of 1 adult + 1 child (up to 12 years old) where the adult is the “kangaroo”.
  • The Zoo will reserve the right to request a document proving the relationship of the "kangaroo" + child couple, such as the civil registration form, ID card, health card, etc.
  • Applicable to the couple formed by the adult "kangaroo" + child. The other accompanying people will pay the amount of the corresponding ticket.
  • Limited to the first 2,000 people for each day.
  • The promotion cannot be combined with other promotions.



Special activities of the day

On both days, you will be able to learn about the curiosities of kangaroos and their situation in nature by participating in a special activity.
Did you know that kangaroos are the only large animal that moves by jumping? That they can make jumps up to 9 meters long and run at 70 km/h? And that there are subspecies of kangaroos in danger of extinction? Come and discover this and much more at the Zoo!