Egyptian acacia

Acacia nilotica

Thorny tree that can be up to 20m in height, with a straight trunk with up to a 60cm diameter, dark brown to black coloured that exude a reddish gum in some parts. With thorns straight and thin.

Inflorescence: Group of bright yellow flowers located at the base of the leaves and composed of 2-4 glomerulus.

Fruit and Seed:  Flat or cylindrical pod, yellow or greyish brown coloured when mature, generally with 4-10 brown seeds.

Uses: Excellent for firewood and charcoal. It is used as tool handles for local populations and it has medicinal properties.

  • Roots: They are used to treat dental infections, inflammations, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea and haemorrhage.
  • Small branches: they are used as toothbrushes.
  • Seeds: They are used to treat haemorrhoids and gingivitis.

Natural habit

Sudano-Sahelian zone, in clay soils and poorly drained or thin and drained.

Egyptian acacia
  • Natural Habit



Growth Habit

20 m

Flower and fruit


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