Zookeepers and vets 4


As big ones we have all become experts in caring for animals!

 It is more difficult than it seems, not all animals are cared for equally. They are not cleaned with the same utensils and should not be monitored in the same way.

Luckily at the Zoo, dangerous animals come to be large or carnivorous, when the caregiver cleans them up in the bedroom and upside down.

Zoo keepers should look for excrement and urine that give clues as to whether the animal is sick, whether it has eaten the whole dinner or not, whether they see anything strange or in poor condition. They are the first to warn of anything broken or the disease of an animal.

They have to put food, so first they have to go to the most important place in the Zoo, the warehouse and look for what each animal they care for eats.

When you have to give medication or check an animal for illness, pregnancy or routine check-up, notify one of the 3 veterinarians at the Zoo. We were able to visit the veterinary clinic!

Our Zoo educator has told us many things so we are already experts!