Around the world in 80 spices 1


We have traveled all over the world in a week!

We have visited the jungles from all over the world seeing gorillas, chimpanzees, bongos, macaws, tapirs, tigers, snakes and very poisonous frogs! Luckily we go with the Zoo educator who is an expert in animals and explains the curiosities of each one.

We refresh ourselves by going to rivers and oceans, how many birds have we seen! We have also found giant and small hippos! and on the beach pelicans, penguins and sea lions! We have also visited our where we have seen the Montseny newt and the leprous terrapin, how beautiful they are!

The worst day was in the desert, how hot! But we were able to see animals such as the Gila monster or the spiny tail lizard, the camels and the oryx and we quickly traveled to the savannah, we were impressed by the elephants, the giraffes and the white rhino! and we loved meerkats and mongooses! And when we saw the lions our mouths were open, geez what a mane and how big the male is, by the way, his name is Kiumbe.

Not only have they introduced us to the Zoo animals, they have also told us why they are there and what are the problems found in their habitat!

Ah! And I can't forget the forests where we could see the wallabies, the European bison, the brown bear and the fantastic wolf that woke up and came up to us!

Do not think that we have not worked, we have made many enrichments for the different animals, you can see it in the photos below! It has been super fun!