We learn everything herbivorous, carnivorous and omnivorous animals eat in their habitat and also how they do it. Some migrate when they can't find them, others feed on herbs, leaves, fruits or seeds. Some have to hunt alone or have more complicated strategies as they hunt in groups. Others have to hibernate when they do not find food in their habitat or accumulate a lot of food when they live in places where there is not much, such as the desert.

What they all do is spend much of the day finding food, eating or trying to hunt. At the Zoo they mimic this and have taught us how to do it: herbivores are given different herbs and vegetables throughout the day, carnivores and omnivores have different shots. And so that they have to look for them, they hide them inside boxes, wheels, trunks ... the Zoo educator told us that they are called enrichments and each species has them different depending on their abilities! We have been able to see during these days how they use them and they are different every day! For them every day is Christmas day!

All very well calculated for not having fat animals, because they could catch diseases. In addition, they also take into account the families, there must be enough food for everyone and everyone must be able to eat at the same time, so at the Zoo they put food in different places and so no one fights. There are some animals like orangutans or chimpanzees that take their favorite and take it to a secluded place to eat quietly or even share it.

On the other hand, others, such as denim, store part of the booty in bags they have in their throats! they are a pass! How smart !. Of course, we also had a lot of work preparing the menu of many animals and giving them to them. We have prepared dinner for giraffes, lunch for meerkats, leopard lizards, giant turtles, penguins, leopards, rhinos ... We have made enrichments, we have made a present with a box for leopard with different smells and leaves where they will hide the piece of meat breakfast, it was great to see how he jumped up the tree and caught his prey: the box !.

Finally, every day we had a surprise, we had to discover the trinckets of each animal, what he liked so much !. Some you could never imagine!