Spaces in the Zoo


Situated at the zoo entrance, the Palmeral is a facility consisting of a set of thirteen aviaries in which a large number of psittaciform species live.  These include white cockatoos, Triton cockatoos, sulphur crested cockatoos, the red fronted macaw, the hyacinth macaw, the blue macaw, the green and red macaw, the red macaw, the military macaw, the golden parrot, the yellow cheeked parrot from Ecuador, the red tailed parrot and the red breasted parrot.

This creates a delightful garden to stroll around and observe the different species of birds from various positions which provide changing views. The daring design of the individual aviaries, with one part made of different coloured wooden huts and the other with galvanised steel tubes and mesh, reminds visitors of the old African settlements seen in films.

The presence of outside vegetation and other birds that live in the Palmeral blurs the difference between the inside and the outside, creating a feeling of total immersion for the visitors.